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Grundpreis für 2 Personen

P R E I S E   2 0 2 4
Grundpreis pro Tag bei Belegung mit 2 Personen
Vor-/und Nachsaison:  € 120
Hauptsaison:                  € 140
Zusatzperson pro Tag:  €  15/20
abzüglich Frühbucherermäßigung bei Buchung bis 31.12.2023

zuzüglich Ortstaxe € 2,50 pro Person und Nacht (ab 14 Jahren)
und Endreinigung  € 50,00
Vor/Nachsaison: 23.3.-4.5., 1.6.-6.7. und 12.10.-3.11.
Hauptsaison: 4.5.-1.6. und 6.7.-12.10.2024

Gerne erstellen wir Ihnen ein individuelles Angebot - senden Sie uns einfach eine email an

To protect yourself against unforeseen events, we recommend that you take out cancellation insurance with our insurance partner, Europäische Reiseversicherungs AG in Vienna. Simply click on the link below and take out your travel insurance right here. So you are on the safe side.


Should an unforeseen event occur, such as an accident or sudden illness, please contact us immediately to cancel the booking and report your claim to Europäische Reiseversicherung on the same day. We will then send you the cancellation invoice, which you should pay by bank transfer. After submitting the damage form including our cancellation invoice, the cancellation costs will be reimbursed to you by the insurance company.




In the case of short-term bookings, the insurance must be taken out on the day of booking,


If you only take out the insurance at a later point in time for long-term bookings (possible up to 1 month before departure), the cancellation insurance will only cover you after 10 days (waiting period),


Please contact us as soon as you learn that you cannot travel.

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